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Country Burma
Authority Burma State Bank
Currency Kyat
Denomination 5
Issue Start Date (1944)
Issue End Date (1944)
This Notes Issue Date (1944)
Set/Series Name Burma, 1944 ND Issue
Number of Items in Set 4
Item Set Number 2
Set Details 1 Kyat (issued & 2 Specimen varieties), 5 Kyat (Specimen only), 10 Kyat (issued and Specimen), 100 Kyat (issued & 2 Specimen varieties)
Type Specimen
Material Paper
Width in mm 130
Height in mm 72
Description Front Dancing peacock on left. Small hut on hill in centre. Mihon - Specimen in Japanese.
Description Back Mandalay moat. Specimen in English
Comments As obtained from Banknotes of Burma blog:

On August 1, 1943, Burma was declared an independent state from Japan. The Japanese Military Administration was withdrawn although Japanese troops remained and care was taken to ensure that Burma would not pursue a policy that would hinder the Japanese war effort. Dr. Ba Maw served as Head of State, General Aung San, Minister of Defense, General Ne Win, Commander-in-Chief of the Burmese army, U Nu, Foreign Minister, and Dr. Set, Finance Minister.
The Burma State Bank was established in January 15, 1944. Thereafter the Ba Maw Government, concerned by the reckless issue of Japanese notes, continually pressed for supply from Japan of the Burma State Bank notes with which it was intended to carry out a currency conversion. The Japanese however kept fobbing off the Ba Maw Government with excuses and produced only specimens of 5 and 10-kyats Burma State Bank notes. Ultimately they restricted the supply of Japanese notes and the Ba Maw Government in desperation ordered its own press in Rangoon to produce Burma Sate Bank notes of 100-kyats denomination. A number of these notes were printed but never issued.
The name of the country “bama naing ngan” signifying Burma State is written in Burmese Script on the top center of the note. The banknote issuer “bama naing ngan daw ban” signifying Burma State Bank is also written in Burmese script at the bottom center. The numeral value as an underprint and denomination of the note in large size Burmese script is printed at top center. The main illustration is a dancing peacock on the left, and the scene of a small hut on a hill under a rising sun background is at the center. The Burmese character, bama, is depicted inside the panel at the right. Burma State Bank in Burmese script is at the bottom center.
The value of this banknote is printed at the upper left in Burmese, and lower right in English. The watermark for the note is, bama, in Burmese script. Underneath the illustration of the dancing peacock, there is a numeral value of the banknote. A small circle is placed on the first unit of the numerical value of the banknote as the local style written of kyat (a small circle on the number).

Only two examples graded by PMG. No sales transactions known of this note.

As of November 2023,there is only one example of this note on the PMG population report: This note.
Source Paul Neumann
BNI Banknote Id 82178

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13th Ed SCWPM General Issues P-0019    
Burma, 5 Kyat, P19