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Country Germany
Authority Helmbrechts Stadt
Currency Pfennig
Denomination 10
Issue Start Date 10/04/1917
Set/Series Name Helmbrechts Stadt H2
Number of Items in Set 19
Item Set Number 03
Set Details 7x10pf, 4x25pf, 8x50pf.
4 Stamps
A: Oval 34mm x 28mm
B: Oval 30mm x 25mm
C: Round 32mm With K.B.
D: Round 30mm Without K.B.

H27.1) 4x10pf, 5x25pf. Without watermark.
10pf Stamp A, B, D or without stamp.
25pf Stamp A SN facing inwards 25pf SN facing outwards drfa facing inward or outwards. 25pf Stamp D or without stamp.

H27.2) 7x10pf, 4x25pf, 8x50pf. Watermark Tropfen.
10pf Stamp A or B SN facing inwards or outwards. 10pf Stamp C, D or without stamp.
25pf Stamp A, B, C or D
50pf Stamp A, B or withotu stamp, Drfa facing inwards or outwards SN Orange. 50pf Stamp B SN Black. 50pf wth Stamp D.

H27.3) 2x10pf, 1x25pf. Watermark Z-Muster. 10pf Stamop A or D. 25pf Stamp A.

H27.4) 3x50pf. Watermark Sechseckflechtwerk. Stamp A, B or without Stamp.
Type Notgeld
Material Paper
Width in mm 76
Height in mm 50
Comments Stamp A. Drfa facing outwards. and SN facing inwards.
Source Kyle Mathers
BNI Banknote Id 81112

Catalog & Valuation Details

SourceCatalog # / ReferenceValueDate of ValueComments
Deutsches Notgeld Bands 5-6 H27.2c €3.00 2004 UNC 
Germany, 10 Pfennig, H27.2c