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Country Georgia
Authority National Bank of Georgia
Currency Lari
Denomination 50
This Notes Issue Date 2016
Type Normal
Material Paper
Width in mm 137
Height in mm 68
Security Features Front: Blindmark, Watermark, See through Image, Intaglio, OVM ink, Latent image and hologram.

Back: Security thread, Visible fibers, Iridiscent Stripe
Description Front Georgian King Tamar (with lettering in Georgian), 12-13th century Vardzia Cave Monastery and a bas-relief from Pitareti Virgin Mari Monastery of XIII century
Description Back Sagittarius, over a manuscript from XII century script collection and the Georgian coat of arms
Source Regg Ibarra
BNI Banknote Id 78874

Catalog & Valuation Details

SourceCatalog # / ReferenceValueDate of ValueComments
No Details Available
Georgia, 50 Lari,