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Country Portugal
Authority Banco da Bolsa
Currency Escudo
Denomination 1,000
This Notes Issue Date 24/04/1975
Type Political
Material Paper
Description Front Unflattering portrait of Francisco Manuel de Sá Carneiro in centre plus repeats in the 0s of both 1000 denominations.

Mil Escudos Lata 'Tin' rather than Mil Escudos Ouro 'Gold'

Serial 33.000 refers to Carneiro bank loan of 33.000 'contos'
Description Back Portraits of Freitas do Amaral (CDS) & Ribeiro Teles (PPM) in Soviet Realist style with poorly defined populace below and Francisco Manuel Lumbrales de Sá Carneiro in carriage with solemn expression being pulled by train.
Comments Political Funny Money based on P175. Probably issued by "leftist" forces following Francisco Manuel Lumbrales de Sá Carneiro's probable assasination in an airplane crash on 4 December 1980.
Source Paul Neumann
BNI Banknote Id 76836

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Portugal, 1,000 Escudo,