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Country Greece
Authority Republic of Greece
Currency Drachma
Denomination 1,000
Issue Start Date 1926
Issue End Date 1946
This Notes Issue Date 1926
Type Bond
Material Paper
Width in mm 219
Height in mm 112
Comments In 1926 the Greek government was still in need of funds and enforced a second compulsory loan, for a total amount of 1,250,000,000 drachmas. This time a quarter of the value of issued banknotes was taken. This is one of the bonds issued for the right hand quarter of banknotes which were cut in that year (see Pick 80, 81, 82). There were 3 values - 1,5,10 (100 drachmas, 500 drachmas, 1000 drachmas). They were issued under a legislative decree of 23 January 1926. As well as paying interest of 6% p.a. they (like the bonds of 1922) were lottery loans, meaning that at regular intervals (annually?) a total of 619 bonds would share in a prize pool of 9,600,000 drachmas (see the back for details). They were 20 year bonds, which means that the Germans occupied Greece (in April 1941) before they were paid out.
Source John Minucos
BNI Banknote Id 75416

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Greece, 1,000 Drachma,