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Country Austria
Authority Kirchdorf am Inn O.Ö. Gemeinde
Currency Heller
Denomination 20
Issue Start Date No Date
Issue End Date 31/12/1920
Set/Series Name Kirchdorf am Inn O.Ö. Gemeinde 01.3
Number of Items in Set 2
Item Set Number 1
Set Details 1x20h, 1x50h
Type Notgeld
Material Paper
Width in mm 82
Height in mm 60
Comments a) Underprint pattern 1 on both sides
b) Front underprint pattern 1, back underprint pattern 2
c) Underprint pattern 2 on both sides
d) Front underprint pattern 2, back underprint pattern 1
Source Kyle Mathers
BNI Banknote Id 69613

Catalog & Valuation Details

SourceCatalog # / ReferenceValueDate of ValueComments
Katalog Des Österreichischen Notgeldes 1916-1921 FS 444c €0.50 2006  
Austria, 20 Heller, FS 444c