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Country Greece
Authority Zagora agricultural cooperative
Currency Drachma
Denomination 100
Issue Start Date 1945
Issue End Date 1945
This Notes Issue Date 01/07/1945
Type Voucher
Material Paper
Width in mm 136
Height in mm 73
Comments These are not actually banknotes, and are not listed in the SCWPM. They are vouchers issued by the agricultural cooperative in Zagora (located on the East coast of Thessaly). They were not backed by the Bank of Greece but apparently they were temporarily used locally as money due to the shortage of banknotes in 1945. They are all dated 1 July 1945 and were printed with 4 differing amounts – 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 drachmas. Some were also overprinted with higher denominations. All were printed uniface. Most of the notes available to collectors appear to have been remainders. Only ones which are stamped and signed on the back actually circulated.
Although they do not qualify technically as banknotes they are popular with some collectors because they are attractive.
Source John Minucos
BNI Banknote Id 69476

Catalog & Valuation Details

SourceCatalog # / ReferenceValueDate of ValueComments
Greek Paper Money, Vol.2 by Theodore Pitidis-Poutous 441    
Greece, 100 Drachma, 441