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Country Austria
Authority Antiesenhofen O.Ö. Gemeinde
Currency Heller
Denomination 10
Issue Start Date 24/06/1920
Issue End Date 10/1920
Set/Series Name Antiesenhofen O.Ö. Gemeinde 2
Number of Items in Set 5
Item Set Number 1
Set Details 2x10h, 1x20h, 2x50h
Type Notgeld
Material Paper
Width in mm 98
Height in mm 63
Comments Small squares, grey paper.
Variations by punctuation square size on left and right of written denomination on 10 and 50h.Variations by white or grey paper.
Also 3 other types of variations:
A) Aspect thin value digit Type
B) Aspect thick value digit type, Vs without mutilated d at Gemeindeausschußbeschluß
C) Aspect thick value digit type, Vs. mutilated d at Gemeindeausschußbeschluß
Source Kyle Mathers
BNI Banknote Id 68023

Catalog & Valuation Details

SourceCatalog # / ReferenceValueDate of ValueComments
Katalog Des Österreichischen Notgeldes 1916-1921 FS 47Ba €0.40 2006  
Austria, 10 Heller, FS 47Ba