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Country Germany
Authority Lilienthal Sparkasse
Currency Pfennig
Denomination 50
Issue Start Date 02/01/1921
Set/Series Name Lilienthal Sparkasse 02
Number of Items in Set 2
Item Set Number 2
Set Details 1x25pf, 1x50pf.
802.1) Without series. Watermark Rheinische Wellen. 01/10/1920
802.2) Without series. Watermark Rheinische Wellen. 02/01/1921
802.3) With series A in red.
802.4) With series B in red.
802.5) With series C in red.
802.6) With series D in red.
802.7) With series E in red. Light brown border.
802.8) With series E in red. White border.
802.9) With series E in blue
802.10) With series F in red.
802.11) With series G in red.
802.12) With series H, catalog is incorrect not all are red. 25pf is green, 50pf is blue, 75pf is red.
Type Notgeld
Material Paper
Source Kyle Mathers
BNI Banknote Id 64573

Catalog & Valuation Details

SourceCatalog # / ReferenceValueDate of ValueComments
Deutsches Notgeld Bands 1-2 802.2 €3.00 2003 UNC 
Germany, 50 Pfennig, 802.2