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Country Germany
Currency Reichsmark
Denomination 1
Issue End Date 31/05/1944
Type Wertschein
Material Paper
Width in mm 90
Height in mm 64
Comments Estimated value approx 20Euro

The Winterhilfswerk (WHW) was a Nazi Germany charity program with the slogan
"None shall starve nor freeze". It was instituted in September 1933 and designed
to provide food, fuel, clothing and various household items to indigent Germans
at first, and to war refugees and other civilian casualities in the later years.
In many ways, it was similar to the US Foodstamp program.

WHW notes were issued by the government and were redeeemable with merchants for
various goods. The merchants would ususlly enter their identity by the means of
a stamp on the back of the note, most of the time cut off the upper right corner
as a sign of cancellation, and deposit the notes in a bank like cash in a normal
banking transaction.
Source Kyle Mathers
BNI Banknote Id 12260

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Germany, 1 Reichsmark,