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A brief history of Sri Lanka: British Ceylon was a British crowned colony between 1815 and 1948. On 4 February 1948, British Ceylon was granted independence and became a Dominion in the Commonwealth of Nations known as Ceylon. In 1972 Ceylon became a Republic of the Commonwealth and its name was changed to Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is an island in the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast of India and is known for producing tea, coffee and gemstones.
Prior to British colonisation, Ceylon's 2 main currencies were the Dutch currencies Stuiver (1660-1796) and Ceylonese rixdollar (1796-1825). In 1825 the British Pound became Ceylon's official currency. On 26 September 1836, the Indian rupee was made Ceylon's standard coin, however, the British pound continued to be circulated with the rupee until 18 June 1869 when the Indian Rupee was formally established as the unlimited legal tender. The Indian Rupee was decimalized on 23 August 1871 and the Rupee (now known as the Sri Lankan Rupee) became Ceylon's money of account and sole legal tender effective 1 January 1872
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Sri Lanka  100 Rupee  ID: 1991-1992
TNID: 01/01/1991 
CBSL B10b 
Sri Lanka, 100 Rupee, P-0105b,CBSL B10bSri Lanka, 100 Rupee, P-0105b,CBSL B10b Show Full Details
Sri Lanka 100 Rupee

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