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A brief history of Djibouti: The colony of French Somaliland was established between 1883 and 1887 following treaties signed by the ruling Issa Somali and Afar Sultans with the French.
In 1958 a referendum was held to determine if French Somaliland should join the Somali Republic. The vote was in favour of remaining with France. However, there were reports of vote rigging with the French exporting thousands of Somalis before the referendum reached the polls. In 1967 a second referendum was held which was also favour of remaining with France. Again, there were reports of the French authorities deporting Somalis before the vote and also importing Afars from neighbouring countries to tip the odds in their favour. Following the referendum, there was civil unrest. During the same year, it was renamed to the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas to acknowledge the large Afar constituency and to downplay the significance of the Somali composition.
A decade later on the 27 June 1977 independence was gained and it was officially renamed as the Republic of Djibouti.
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Djibouti  10,000 Franc  ID: 1979-1991  P-0039b  Djibouti, 10,000 Franc, P-0039bDjibouti, 10,000 Franc, P-0039b Show Full Details
Djibouti 10,000 Franc
Djibouti  2,000 Franc  ID: 1997-1999
TNID: 1997 
P-0040  Djibouti, 2,000 Franc, P-0040Djibouti, 2,000 Franc, P-0040 Show Full Details
Djibouti 2,000 Franc
Djibouti  10,000 Franc  ID: 1997-1999
TNID: 1999 
P-0041  Djibouti, 10,000 Franc, P-0041Djibouti, 10,000 Franc, P-0041 Show Full Details
Djibouti 10,000 Franc
Djibouti  1,000 Franc  ID: 2002
TNID: 2005 
P-0042  Djibouti, 1,000 Franc, P-0042Djibouti, 1,000 Franc, P-0042 Show Full Details
Djibouti 1,000 Franc
Djibouti  5,000 Franc  ID: 2002
TNID: 2002 
P-0044  Djibouti, 5,000 Franc, P-0044Djibouti, 5,000 Franc, P-0044 Show Full Details
Djibouti 5,000 Franc

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