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A brief history of Argentina: The earliest recorded human presence in the area now known as Argentina is dated from the Paleolithic period. The Spanish colonization began in 1512. Argentina rose as the successor state of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, a Spanish overseas colony founded in 1776. The declaration and fight for independence (1810–1818) was followed by an extended civil war that lasted until 1861, which ended with the country's reorganization as a federation of provinces with Buenos Aires as its capital city. From this point on massive European immigration radically reshaped its cultural and demographic outlook. Argentina enjoyed an historically almost unparalleled increase in prosperity, by the early 20th century it already ranked as the seventh wealthiest developed nation in the world. After 1930 however it descended into political instability and suffered periodic economic crisis that sank it back into underdevelopment.

Argentina banknote signature titles:
  1. Signature titles A: Gerente General
  2. Signature titles B: SUB Gerente General
  3. Signature titles C: Gerente General and Presidente
  4. Signature titles D: SUB Gerente General and VICE Presidente
  5. Signature titles E: SUB Gerente General and Presidente
  6. Signature titles F: Vice Presidente and Presidente
  7. Signature titles G: Presidente B.R.C.A. and Presidente H.C. Senadores
  8. Signature titles H: Presidente B.R.C.A. and Presidente H.C. Diputados
  9. Signature titles I: Vice Presidente and Gerente General
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Argentina  5 Peso  TNID: 1/10/2015  P-New  Argentina, 5 Peso, P-NewArgentina, 5 Peso, P-New Show Full Details
Argentina 5 Peso
Argentina  10 Peso  TNID: 04/04/2016  P-New  Argentina, 10 Peso, P-NewArgentina, 10 Peso, P-New Show Full Details
Argentina 10 Peso
Argentina  20 Peso  ID: 3/10/2017  P-New  Argentina, 20 Peso, P-NewArgentina, 20 Peso, P-New Show Full Details
Argentina 20 Peso
Argentina  200 Peso  TNID: 26/10/2016  P-New  Argentina, 200 Peso, P-NewArgentina, 200 Peso, P-New Show Full Details
Argentina 200 Peso
Argentina  500 Peso  ID: 01/07/2016  P-New  Argentina, 500 Peso, P-NewArgentina, 500 Peso, P-New Show Full Details
Argentina 500 Peso
Argentina  1,000 Peso  ID: 05/12/2017  P-New  Argentina, 1,000 Peso, P-NewArgentina, 1,000 Peso, P-New Show Full Details
Argentina 1,000 Peso

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